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Why MilPilot?

Consolidated information. Before every flight a military pilot is required to check Weather Conditions, Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) for critical airfield and airspace alerts, airport information, and route information. Additionally, they prepare a flight plan. Currently, this process involves visiting multiple websites that are redundant and poorly developed.

Fast. Built by Pilots. consolidates this process into one websites, in only a few clicks. This saves time, increases safety, and provides pilots exactly what they need to navigate. The system was built be experienced military pilots who know exactly what pilots need.

Marketplace. The Military Mission Planning market exceeds $10B(link). Our team consists of experienced military pilots who understand the unique needs of military aircrew members. users currently spend over 5 minutes per visit, are quick to offer referrals, and traffic has been steadily increasing since our transition from our parent site,, that was started in 2010.